20 Jul 02


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OS Field Day

I trip over my tongue in the *nix world. I always wind up using the wrong word for something, like console for terminal, or shell for telnet, or something like that.

Cygwin didn't work out, and I really, really do not like MI/X, so I'm back to using ssh and the command prompt only when I'm on a Windows box, and GNOME when I'm... whatever you call it when the keyboard and monitor are hooked directly up to Eddie.

I uninstalled Apache from Eddie and installed a nice fresh package, placing it all in a directory of my choosing instead of smeared all over the file structure the way Red Hat likes it.

I also looked over my BIND installation to see if I felt like running it as-is or whether to download it also. Since I'm behind a firewall and have no intention of mixing any of this up with the Internet, I went ahead with the default installation. The naming of the files is a bit different from what I expected from the naming convention that I found online, but Napalm says that it's another common way to name the files and directories. Of course I could tell by looking at them that the names don't matter, as long as the entries and their relationships are correct. Still, it was just a little odd-feeling.

So BIND is running and resolving and caching and all that. I like that, but it was too easy. False sense of security and all that.

So now I'm going to set up Apache to emulate kind of what we do at work, and have BIND manage the domains for the accounts. We'll see how that goes.

Meanwhile, I'm doing a comparison of Unix-based OSes. So far the only truly wild variant has been Solaris, and even so, not so much to trip me up totally, but then I haven't played in it a whole lot. Because of the usual permissions structure under Solaris, I don't expect to be able to install much of anything, even things under my own user account which do not need root. But we'll see. I'll talk with Azagthoth about that more.

Otherwise, I get to play with Linux, Irix, and FreeBSD. These latter two, not so much, as the only boxes with these OSes on them that I have access to are work machines, which are of course locked down to prevent TOO much poking about. I hear you can get an SGI machine third and fourth hand on eBay for not much cash, and that the usually includes Irix, so I might go that route. Whether and how to get a box for FreeBSD is not decided yet.

I have no spell check, as far as I can tell, on gnotepad+, so hail mary and let's post! (This is my first entry completely composed and posted from Eddie.)

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