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Current Journals of People I Know Personally

Alora's LiveJournal
Angel's Journal
Azagthoth's LiveJournal
The Bad Twin's LiveJournal
BeerMary's Rant-O-Rama
The Boston Diaries
Christopher's Mind
Insanity's InsaneJournal
Insanity's LiveJournal
Jason's LiveJournal
Kires' InsaneJournal
Lee Marley
Life As A Hedgepig
Nof's LiveJournal
Panthur's LiveJournal
PenguinBoi's Journal
Pray Naked Experience
Pyrohypnotik's LiveJournal
Resilient's LiveJournal
Samurai Administrator
Tenjinzan's LiveJournal
Thee Sliver Queen's LiveJournal
Vagabond Blues
wlofie's blog
Wolv's LiveJournal
Yyrkoon13's LiveJournal

See all the LiveJournals above on one page - my friends page.

If you are someone I know personally, you have a journal/weblog, and I don't have a link to you yet, please let me know so I can add you.

Other Great Journals

3 is the Magic Number
The Daily Brad
How to learn Swedish in 1000 difficult lessons
Medea Sin
Raising Hell
Randomly Ever After
Wil Wheaton Dot Net

Feel free to suggest journals of people I don't know, but I'm not likely to add them unless they wind up being regular reads.

My Other Journals

(I don't use them much, but there they are.)
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